Dear Community,

We know you have all been waiting eagerly with a lot of patience for the next steps ahead of us. I would like to take some time to look at XStable’s performance so far and then talk about the road ahead.

XStable was launched with a presale price…

It is time for the first upgrade to our contract. We have spoken briefly about this in a previous article where we talked about adding a sliver of buy pressure in case of large selloffs. The sell tax itself is only a deterrent to hold off until further epochs and…

We have had a pretty successful launch and an awesome community is being built around the protocol. At XStable, we are very excited with what we have created, and I wanted to give you guys a quick heads up on what can be expected over the next couple of weeks.

I have discussed the core thesis behind XStable at length in the previous article. Let us dig a bit deeper into the contracts that power the protocol, how they function, and the operational mechanics.

At its base, XStable currently relies on Uniswap pools to identify the buy and sell volumes…


A synthetic stablecoin protocol that derives it's supply and price values from true market demand.

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